Host of The Dick Show.

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Styx vs Jones Debate Set, MTV Attacks Fuentes, Disgusting Lizzo, + More From Destiny

Dec 11, 2019150 minutes

The infamous #Killstream airs every weeknight at 9:30PM EST on DLive.

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Nick Fuentes Live, Hake In-Studio, Bibble Surfaces, + Dick

Nov 9, 2019195 minutes

LA Finale?

Metokur/Masterson/Pesos/Rekieta Megashow

Nov 2, 2019175 minutes

The Big Show.

The Boulderversary

Aug 10, 2019189 minutes

The Legend Continues.

Mumkey's Girlfriend Live, Trump Flips Again, + Alinity's Cat Saga

Jul 20, 2019167 minutes

You Never Know What Will Happen On The #Killstream.

The DarkV Tribute (w/Dick, Rekieta, Gator, & More)

Jul 17, 2019170 minutes

RIP DarkV.

Dems Debate Debacle, Keem/Etika Blame, + Dick & Dame

Jun 29, 2019149 minutes

Everything Old is New.

Pesos & Masterson Live From Miami

Mar 16, 201989 minutes

Miami Madness.

Rekieta & Masterson Live, + StreamMe Sunsets Self: The Inside Story

Mar 5, 2019154 minutes

The Resurrection.

Bourbon, Boomers, & Bullshit

Feb 21, 2019181 minutes

The Knoxville Fallout Krew.

Jesse Lee Peterson & Dick Masterson Live

Feb 19, 2019205 minutes


Dick Masterson Presents

Jan 25, 2019191 minutes

Dick Overload.

Tonka Can't Melt Steel Beams

Jan 16, 2019512 minutes

Native burial ground.

Midterm Election Extravaganza

Nov 7, 2018375 minutes

Decision Day.

Too Hot for YouTube (aka Fuck the Wall Street Journal)

Nov 3, 2018254 minutes

The Exodus.

Mark Collett & Masterson Live, Cesar Sayoc, + Bezos Loses Billions

Oct 27, 2018222 minutes

The Weekender.

Megyn Kelly Canned, Dr. Phil's Ethnostate, Masterson Returns, + Warski/Tonka

Oct 26, 2018213 minutes

Dr. Phil's Ethnostate.

Richard Spencer Live, Dick Masterson Co-Hosting, #MAGABomber, + Eric Striker

Oct 25, 2018230 minutes

You never know what's going to happen on the #Killstream.

Bloody Sunday Supershow

Sep 17, 2018192 minutes

The Bloody Sunday finale.

Masterson + Metokur Mega Show

Aug 11, 2018343 minutes

Masteron & Metokur join us in the wake of MundaneMatt's destruction.

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