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James Allsup is a guest on #Killstream

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Allsup, Scapegoat, and the DIY Method

Oct 10, 201782 minutes

This week, James Allsup, Scapegoat and The Liftwaffe boys cover Some DIY diets and sups, while the Power Division delves into Cockdiesel and small goys.....


  1. Establishing a regular diet;
  2. Diet hacks;
  3. Making your own pre-workout;

Gustav and Fash Segment

  1. The Small Goy Question
  2. Kerry Gold Butter Requirement;
  3. Cockdiesel strength measurement;
  4. Eddie Hall and strength to body weight;

Allsup and Scape Pt. 2

  1. Wrist wraps v. Gloves;
  2. Developing Deltoids and rear deltoids; and
  3. Barbell versus dumbbell exercises.

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