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Owner of KiwiFarms.

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Patrick Casey Live, Wu Sued By Alex Jones, UK Madness, + Surprise Guest Kiwi Farms Josh

Sep 26, 2019217 minutes

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EXCLUSIVE: 8chan Founder Fredrick Brennan + KiwiFarms Owner Josh

Aug 5, 2019105 minutes

Another One.

The Day After

Jun 22, 2019116 minutes

Gator is Here.

Kraut Leaks Part 2, Donga the Coward, + Yellow Vests Go Wild

Jan 8, 2019134 minutes

SPCC state of mind.

Metokur Mocks Kiwi Farms "Dox," Election News, + More

Oct 19, 2018228 minutes

Jim Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Sargon of Akkad Live, + Mister Metokur

Oct 12, 2018222 minutes

The Sargon Season Finale.

BetterHelp Scam Scandal (Boogie2988, Metokur, Keemstar, & Warski ALL LIVE)

Oct 4, 2018265 minutes

Boogie enters the #Killstream.

Metokur vs Fake Ross, Healstream Fallout, Furry Degeneracy + More

Oct 2, 2018242 minutes

You require more vespene gas.

Sargon's Surprise Boomer Fail

Sep 16, 2018200 minutes

The Don's Disaster.

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