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Lawyer & legal YouTuber.

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MBA vs Rekieta Live, Lauer Rapes More, China, + New Loomer Ad

Oct 10, 2019154 minutes

The infamous #Killstream airs every weeknight at 9:30PM EST on DLive.

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The DarkV Tribute (w/Dick, Rekieta, Gator, & More)

Jul 17, 2019170 minutes

RIP DarkV.

Nick Rekieta Live, Soph Still Under Attack, + Archive Channels Deleted

May 15, 2019149 minutes

Back To The Future.

Rekieta & Masterson Live, + StreamMe Sunsets Self: The Inside Story

Mar 5, 2019154 minutes

The Resurrection.

Mercedes Carrera Child Molestation Shock, More Virginia Dem Blackface, + More

Feb 7, 2019172 minutes

Depends on the Age of the Child.

Tonka Can't Melt Steel Beams

Jan 16, 2019512 minutes

Native burial ground.

Mark Collett & Masterson Live, Cesar Sayoc, + Bezos Loses Billions

Oct 27, 2018222 minutes

The Weekender.

Eichenwald Insanity, Kraut Spergs, Rekieta Law on Cody Wilson, + Furry Degeneracy

Sep 21, 2018186 minutes

If only you knew how bad things really are...

Alex Jones Storms Capitol Hill, "Lodestar" Op-Ed, Comicsgate Kerfuffle, + More

Sep 6, 2018197 minutes

1776 has commenced again.

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