Founder & Co-Creator of the #Killstream. Owner/Editor-in-Chief of The Ralph Retort.

Episodes Ethan Ralph appeared on:

Weinstein Guilty, Cenk Exposed, Maddox Revealed, + Coach Abortion Pill vs Destiny

Feb 25, 2020144 minutes

The infamous #Killstream airs every weeknight at 9:30PM EST on DLive.

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Bloomberg Debuts At Dem Debate + Eggy Live

Feb 20, 2020202 minutes

The Kathy Zhu Cure

Feb 19, 2020188 minutes

Mundane JF Can't Melt Steel Beams

Feb 15, 2020209 minutes

Dame Pesos Live, Dem Debate Coverage, + More

Feb 8, 2020184 minutes

The Homecoming

Feb 7, 2020122 minutes

Weekender I Got Robbed Edition

Jan 18, 2020131 minutes

Sword and Scale's Mike Boudet Live

Jan 16, 2020150 minutes

Destiny vs Mike Enoch

Jan 11, 2020191 minutes

Jim Goad Live

Jan 10, 2020151 minutes

Iran War Watch + Gonzalo Lira Memorial

Jan 8, 2020169 minutes

Styx vs E. Michael Jones

Dec 22, 201970 minutes

Nick Rekieta vs Vince James

Dec 20, 2019198 minutes

Saturday Special: Jay Dyer vs The Kurgan

Dec 14, 201991 minutes

Milo Yiannopoulos Live

Dec 4, 2019170 minutes

Nick Fuentes Live, Hake In-Studio, Bibble Surfaces, + Dick

Nov 9, 2019195 minutes

LA Finale?

Metokur/Masterson/Pesos/Rekieta Megashow

Nov 2, 2019175 minutes

The Big Show.

Asterios Abuses Women?, Inside Pedo Island, Kirk Calls Cops On Fuentes, + Metokur Returns Friday

Oct 29, 2019152 minutes

The Fall Season Officially Begins.

Destiny vs Hasan, Algorithm 'Tism, Forever Brexit, + Sexist STDs

Oct 26, 2019142 minutes

N-Word Privilege.

Assault Meme Threat, Japan Experiences Diversity, Destiny Dustup, + Joker Stair Care

Oct 25, 2019143 minutes

This Podcast Is A Deadly Weapon.

Eric Striker Returns, Yaniv Loses, Proud Boys To Prison, + Bonus Chang

Oct 23, 2019168 minutes

Striker Returns.

Cog Cuck Week Concludes With Dame, Drama Queen, Bibble, Rand + Tulsi vs Hillary

Oct 19, 2019152 minutes

Miss Kekistan's Kids Club.

Ryan Dawson Live, Boris Bags Brexit Deal, + Cog Crank Call To Ex

Oct 18, 2019152 minutes

A Dog's Life.

Richard Spencer Returns, Cog The Cuck Gets Crushed, + World Pronoun Day

Oct 17, 2019177 minutes

I'm Not Bothered.

Cog The Cuck, #DemDebate, Hard Bastard Live, + More

Oct 16, 2019176 minutes


Fredo Cuomo's Pronouns, Shep Smith Gone, WWE Hates Gays, + Lindsey's Gay Out

Oct 12, 2019140 minutes

Welcome To The Weekend.

MBA vs Rekieta Live, Lauer Rapes More, China, + New Loomer Ad

Oct 10, 2019154 minutes

Wednesday Night Fight.

Dame Friday, Rand Returns, Matt Mashed Again, + Weekender

Oct 5, 2019149 minutes

Friday Night Filth.

Crazy Corinne Spazzes, JF's GF Claims Pedo Past, Lesbian Transphobia, + Miami Debate Dirt

Oct 3, 2019145 minutes

Forget Resetting: Throw The Clock Away.

Syrian Girl Live Deep Dive, Fun With Transitions, + Callers

Sep 27, 2019204 minutes

Road To Damascus Moment.

Dems Move to Impeach Trump, Cheong Claims Chad, + Vaush Attacks Flamenco

Sep 25, 2019166 minutes

You Shouldn't Touch A Horse Like That.

Greta Spazzes Out at UN, Duterte Edict, Jarbo Follow-Up, + More

Sep 24, 2019176 minutes

Back At It Again.

MundaneMatt Can't Melt Paternity Tests

Sep 21, 2019228 minutes

My Girlfriend's Daughter.

Pastor Manning Live, MundaneMatt Whines, Signore Spergs, + More Trudeau Blackface

Sep 20, 2019175 minutes

Long-Legged Mack Daddy.

Lauren Duca Destroyed, Bibi Fails, Lewandowski, Pitt Pirate Pedo, + More

Sep 18, 2019164 minutes

They're Not Sending Their Best.

Kavanaugh Smeared By NYT, Gillis Gone From SNL, Corn Pop, Velveeta, + More

Sep 17, 2019158 minutes

Kenyan Gas Huffing.

The Weekender

Sep 14, 2019155 minutes

Too Hot For DLive?

PewDiePie Responds to ADL Donation, Trump vs Vaping, Bibble's Back, + More

Sep 12, 2019137 minutes

Mossad Has Marzia?!

PewDiePie Cucks To ADL With Donation, Bolton Bounced, + KiwiFarms Hacked

Sep 11, 2019154 minutes

The Protection Racket.

#ZoeBodyCount + Uncensored Interview With Zoe's Ex

Sep 3, 2019149 minutes

She Can't Keep Getting Away With It.

James Allsup Live + Chris Hansen Joins The Battle

Aug 29, 2019138 minutes

Run It Back.

Metokur Leaves YouTube, Allsup Banned, + Memphis Monday

Aug 27, 2019146 minutes

This Is So Sad Alexa Play Dixie.

Dame Pesos Live, Koch Bro Croaks, Hasan Banned, + RBG on Death's Door

Aug 24, 2019158 minutes

Brotherly Love.

Devon Stack Live, Trump Declared King of Jews, + More

Aug 22, 2019182 minutes

The Second Coming.

Boogie2988 & Faradayspeaks Live + Mumkey Sex Tape Reax

Aug 21, 2019190 minutes

Uberwolf Returns.

Mumkey + Liu's Soap Opera Finale, Israel Bars Omar & Tlaib, + Yaniv Admits Doxing Blaire

Aug 16, 2019181 minutes

These Are The Days of Our One Life To Live.

Yaniv Doxes Blaire White, Epstein Update, + Jay Dyer vs Mark Brahmin

Aug 14, 2019183 minutes

Bloodsports Are Back.

Epstein Jail Fail, Chris Cuomo Loses His Shit, Madcucks Doc, + Much More

Aug 13, 2019142 minutes

I Know It Was You, Fredo.

#Killstream Special: EPSTEIN FOUND DEAD

Aug 10, 2019114 minutes

Ponder My Consternation.

The Boulderversary

Aug 10, 2019189 minutes

The Legend Continues.

Huge Ice Raid, Ralph Calls MundaneMatt, + #Comicsgate Drama With Ethan Van Sciver Live

Aug 9, 2019177 minutes

Travel Through The Autistic Forest.

Epstein In-Depth with Ryan Dawson, 8chan Silenced For Now, + ESA Doxes Journos

Aug 6, 2019179 minutes

Down The Rabbit Hole.

EXCLUSIVE: 8chan Founder Fredrick Brennan + KiwiFarms Owner Josh

Aug 5, 2019105 minutes

Another One.

Dem Debate Main Event + Slater's Bayside Blues

Aug 1, 2019270 minutes

Mommy Tulsi.

Dem Debate Live, Woman Marries Dog on National Television, + More

Jul 31, 2019160 minutes

High Comedy. Or Horror?

Mumkey Cucked Again?, Mr. Obvious Live, Mueller Stumbles, + More

Jul 25, 2019163 minutes

The Cuck Carousel.

Mumkey's Girlfriend Live, Trump Flips Again, + Alinity's Cat Saga

Jul 20, 2019167 minutes

You Never Know What Will Happen On The #Killstream.

Trump Backs Down, OJ vs Howard Stern, ImAllexx Drama, + World News

Jul 19, 2019151 minutes

The Juice Is Loose.

Mike Enoch Live + Mumkey Breaks Silence

Jul 18, 2019162 minutes

That's Politics.

The DarkV Tribute (w/Dick, Rekieta, Gator, & More)

Jul 17, 2019170 minutes

RIP DarkV.

Mark Collett Live, Randbot Returns, Acosta Out, French Turmoil, + RIP DarkV

Jul 13, 2019195 minutes

A Special Relationship.

Epstein Faces Justice, Park Brawl, Disney Disgrace, McNuggets of Death, + More

Jul 9, 2019156 minutes

It's A Small World After All.

America Day Edition

Jul 5, 2019183 minutes

Happy 4th.

African Ariel, Biggs Responds, New Media Low?, + Boogie <3's Tesla

Jul 4, 2019128 minutes

Kitty, is that you?

PayPal Ban, Biggs Twitter Termination, Nike vs Flag, + More

Jul 3, 2019134 minutes


Dems Debate Debacle, Keem/Etika Blame, + Dick & Dame

Jun 29, 2019149 minutes

Everything Old is New.

The Day After

Jun 22, 2019116 minutes

Gator is Here.

Familial Business.

Jun 6, 2019153 minutes


David Stay Live, Sargon's Cope Classic, + Septic Civil War

May 28, 2019165 minutes


Soph Demonetized, Theresa May Set to Resign, Avenatti Indicted AGAIN, + 8chan Owner Live

May 23, 2019148 minutes

You Never Know What Will Happen...

Salon Tanks, Mel Gibson Under Attack, + #AlabamaAbortionBan

May 16, 2019156 minutes

Madman Mel.

Nick Rekieta Live, Soph Still Under Attack, + Archive Channels Deleted

May 15, 2019149 minutes

Back To The Future.

BuzzFeed Targets Soph, Ashton Pill Party?, + Lefty Vaush Joins

May 14, 2019187 minutes

Australia vs The World

Mark Collett Live, Tati Turns on James Charles, + Shapiro Smoked

May 11, 2019185 minutes

A Crumbling Foundation.

ProJared Nuked From Orbit, Sargon Loses YouTube Money, + More

May 10, 2019127 minutes


Dame Pesos Live, Gator Joins Us, + Sargon Going to Jail?!

Apr 28, 2019151 minutes

Carl Makes His Move.

Sri Lanka Massacre, Baked Bashed, Sargon Kills UKIP, + More

Apr 23, 2019151 minutes

Baked Alaska, One Year Later.

Live in Memphis + Black Pigeon Speaks

Apr 17, 2019108 minutes

Assange Arrested, Trump Disgracefully Silent, + New Avenatti Indictments

Apr 12, 2019150 minutes

RKO Outta Nowhere.

NYC Almost Sunsetted Me, DLive Exodus, Dick Denied Down Under Entry, + More

Apr 11, 2019119 minutes

Down With The Sickness.

Destiny vs Soph, + Nick Fuentes Run-In

Apr 6, 2019252 minutes

Friday Night Fights.

Biden Backs Down, Trudeau Punked, Soph Struck, Pokemon Pedos?, + NYC Bound

Apr 4, 2019124 minutes

Gotta Catch 'Em All.

Creepy Biden Hit Again, Chris Rock Slams Smollett, PewDiePie Petition, + Randbot

Apr 2, 2019128 minutes

Aboriginal History Lesson.

Sargon Set to Run for Office, Baked Bashes Alt-Right, + Mueller Report In

Mar 23, 2019160 minutes

Mueller Christmas.

Pesos & Masterson Live From Miami

Mar 16, 201989 minutes

Miami Madness.

Dankula Interview, Smollett Catches 16 Felonies, SPCC Update, + Metro Mendacity

Mar 9, 2019152 minutes

The Count Come to Kill...TRR Tonight.

R. Kelly Jailed Again, Trump Backtracks on Syria, StreamMe, + Dielawn

Mar 7, 2019175 minutes

Tism Talks, We Listen.

Rekieta & Masterson Live, + StreamMe Sunsets Self: The Inside Story

Mar 5, 2019154 minutes

The Resurrection.

Bourbon, Boomers, & Bullshit

Feb 21, 2019181 minutes

The Knoxville Fallout Krew.

John Wayne Trashed By Twitter, YouTube Pedo Problem?, Keemstar Live, + Bernie's Back

Feb 20, 2019120 minutes

The Duke Gets Cancelled.

Jesse Lee Peterson & Dick Masterson Live

Feb 19, 2019205 minutes


Mercedes Carrera Child Molestation Shock, More Virginia Dem Blackface, + More

Feb 7, 2019172 minutes

Depends on the Age of the Child.

The Downfall of Ian Miles Cheong

Feb 2, 2019178 minutes

The End of Ian.

Dick Masterson Presents

Jan 25, 2019191 minutes

Dick Overload.

Maduro on the Brink, BuzzFeed Layoffs, Donga Watch, + Stolen Valor Indian

Jan 24, 2019163 minutes

Shitrat's incel uprising.

Tonka Going to Jail? Secret Audio Recording, + Baked Challenge Response (Reupload)

Jan 23, 2019247 minutes

Donga not prison people.

Victory Party

Jan 22, 2019163 minutes

Surreality continues.

Tonka Can't Melt Steel Beams

Jan 16, 2019512 minutes

Native burial ground.

Andy Warski & Dame Live, Running Squaw Tonka, + Pitchford the Pedo?

Jan 12, 2019197 minutes

Under Pressure.

Kraut Leaks Part 2, Donga the Coward, + Yellow Vests Go Wild

Jan 8, 2019134 minutes

SPCC state of mind.

New Year's Eve + The Top Ten Moments Of 2018

Jan 1, 2019183 minutes

A #Killstream Countdown.

Tampon String Sting, Gamestop & The LGBT Community, + Dame Pesos Live

Dec 29, 2018166 minutes

Just sell the vape juice.

Enoch & McNabb Live, Shitrat's Shitty Christmas, + MundaneMatt Denies Flagging

Dec 27, 2018184 minutes

Kicked out for Christmas.

A Gay Ops Christmas

Dec 22, 2018170 minutes

I guess they do miss.

Cameron vs Fuentes Live, Farewell Syria, Facebook Disaster + Rogan on Sargon/Patreon

Dec 20, 2018208 minutes

A Bloodsports Christmas.

Ramzpaul Live, Alex Jones Says Subscribe to PewDiePie, + War on Tucker

Dec 19, 2018154 minutes

Build the Wall.

Zidan Returns, Mushroom Cult Lawsuit?, Sargon BTFO'd, + YouTube's Anti-Spam Op

Dec 14, 2018168 minutes

The Butcher comes home.

South Africa Thieves Move Forward, Ann Coulter Under Fire, + PewDiePie vs Bernstein

Dec 13, 2018161 minutes

Australia's National Livestream.

PewDiePie Under Media Attack, + Indigo White Live

Dec 11, 2018165 minutes

Play the video!

Kekistani Killer 2?, James Fields Found Guilty, PewDiePie Goes Off, + Dame Pesos

Dec 8, 2018186 minutes

Subscribe to PewDiePie.

The Kekistan Killer

Nov 19, 2018151 minutes

Gamers rise up.

CNN Sues Trump, Brexit Deal?, Laughable StreamMe Move Backlash, + More

Nov 14, 2018181 minutes

The ride continues.

Fake Skeptic Outrage, Yoree Koh Speaks, Warski's Kick, + The Weekender

Nov 10, 2018185 minutes

Hypocrisy overload.

Midterm Election Extravaganza

Nov 7, 2018375 minutes

Decision Day.

The Beginning of the Beginning

Nov 4, 2018173 minutes

Day One continues.

Too Hot for YouTube (aka Fuck the Wall Street Journal)

Nov 3, 2018254 minutes

The Exodus.

Mark Collett & Masterson Live, Cesar Sayoc, + Bezos Loses Billions

Oct 27, 2018222 minutes

The Weekender.

Megyn Kelly Canned, Dr. Phil's Ethnostate, Masterson Returns, + Warski/Tonka

Oct 26, 2018213 minutes

Dr. Phil's Ethnostate.

Richard Spencer Live, Dick Masterson Co-Hosting, #MAGABomber, + Eric Striker

Oct 25, 2018230 minutes

You never know what's going to happen on the #Killstream.

Sargon & Vee Salt Session, Metokur Muted by DDoS, Tonka v Zidan, + More

Oct 23, 2018246 minutes

Third World Wonders.

Warski Starts Fire, Metokur Declares War on Skeptics

Oct 21, 2018331 minutes

Alea iacta est.

Metokur Mocks Kiwi Farms "Dox," Election News, + More

Oct 19, 2018228 minutes

Jim Mystery Science Theater 3000.

YouTube Died Edition

Oct 17, 2018239 minutes

Nasim's Revenge.

Sargon of Akkad Live, + Mister Metokur

Oct 12, 2018222 minutes

The Sargon Season Finale.

Venti Ex-BF Leaks, O'Keefe Strikes, Google Censors, + More

Oct 11, 2018194 minutes

I looked good!!!

PewDiePie vs BetterHelp, Metokur vs Some Dude, Warski vs Tonka, + Zulu Alliance

Oct 10, 2018246 minutes

Dishonest Diogenes Disemboweled.

Kegs for Kavanaugh Confirmation, Breaking BetterHelp, Weekender, + More

Oct 6, 2018216 minutes

Have a cold one for Kav's confirmation.

BetterHelp Scam Scandal (Boogie2988, Metokur, Keemstar, & Warski ALL LIVE)

Oct 4, 2018265 minutes

Boogie enters the #Killstream.

Metokur vs Fake Ross, Healstream Fallout, Furry Degeneracy + More

Oct 2, 2018242 minutes

You require more vespene gas.

Kavanaugh Hearing, Huge Healstream Saturday, + Coach Red Pill vs KingOfPol Recording

Sep 27, 2018187 minutes

Listen and (dis)believe.

Cosby in Jail, Snoregon Fears the Graveyard, + Male Feminist Journo Accused of Abuse

Sep 26, 2018184 minutes

The weak should fear the strong.

Sad Sargon Retires, MundaneMatt's Joke Apology, + More

Sep 25, 2018183 minutes

Press F to Pay Respects.

Eichenwald Insanity, Kraut Spergs, Rekieta Law on Cody Wilson, + Furry Degeneracy

Sep 21, 2018186 minutes

If only you knew how bad things really are...

"Academics" Attack YouTube Free Speech, Sargon's Response, + Jared Holt Hilarity

Sep 19, 2018191 minutes

When radical feminists attack.

Bloody Sunday Supershow

Sep 17, 2018192 minutes

The Bloody Sunday finale.

Sargon's Surprise Boomer Fail

Sep 16, 2018200 minutes

The Don's Disaster.

Salty Sargon on Tilt as Bloody Sunday Approaches, Weekender News, + More

Sep 15, 2018214 minutes

A history lesson on Sargonism.

Skeptics Last Stand - Sargon Seems to Threaten Metokur Dox Stream

Sep 14, 2018222 minutes

The storm before the storm.

MundaneMatt Cries Dox, Lauren Responds, EU is Cancer, + Breitbart Busts Google

Sep 13, 2018203 minutes

The Age of Boulders.

Sargon Attacks Metokur, Sherratt's Lauren Southern Obsession, + Bunty Responds

Sep 11, 2018227 minutes

Ill-suited Sargon + Psycho Sherratt

Alex Jones Storms Capitol Hill, "Lodestar" Op-Ed, Comicsgate Kerfuffle, + More

Sep 6, 2018197 minutes

1776 has commenced again.

The Limits of Patience

Sep 2, 2018158 minutes

Vee's destruction.

RIP Terry Davis, NY Times Continues White Hate, Trump vs Canada, + More

Sep 1, 2018181 minutes

Glow in the dark.

Eric Striker Live, Tommy C(uck), + Alex Jones Addresses Trap Porn

Aug 31, 2018196 minutes

Legalize it (all).

Metokur Twitter & YouTube Ban, Kraut Returns, Germany, Keemstar + Alt Hype Live

Aug 28, 2018243 minutes

They come for Mister Metokur.

Press S for John McCain + Mister Metokur Live

Aug 26, 2018223 minutes

A special Saturday episode, in honor of the late Senator McCain.

Dame Pesos' Soyless Friday Night, Alex Jones Trap Lust Bust?, + More

Aug 25, 2018205 minutes

Dame Pesos Returns for a special Soyless Friday Night.

Asia Argento Bourdain Blame, Cyberpunk, Cohen Plea Deal, + Mollie Tibbetts

Aug 22, 2018184 minutes

Topsy-turvy Tuesday.

Harmful Opinions & Mister Metokur

Aug 21, 2018146 minutes

Metokur + Harmful Opinions: A Candid Conversation

Dame Pesos Live, #DeactiDay, Bautista Bashes Disney, Can't Abort the Retort, + More

Aug 18, 2018196 minutes

Dame Pesos goes in on MundaneMatt to close out the saga.

Red Ice's Lana Lokteff

Aug 18, 201863 minutes

Lana Lokteff joins us for a special 1 hour episode.

VDARE's Peter Brimelow Live, + Devon Tracey Roasts MundaneMatt Live

Aug 17, 2018284 minutes

VDARE's Peter Brimelow + Devon Tracey

Jay Dyer Live, Vegas Shooting, Hollywood Sickos, MundaneMatt's Tumblr Apology, + More

Aug 17, 2018280 minutes

Jay Dyer stops by the #Killstream + we talk about Candid shills.

MundaneMatt Past Revealed, Dyer Censored, Catholic Pedos, Keemstar + Metokur Live

Aug 14, 2018286 minutes

"Odin" revealed, + Metokur & Keemstar join the #Killstream.

Metokur's MundaneMatt Opus

Aug 13, 2018261 minutes

Metokur, Warski, Paladin appear live after Jim's roast of MundaneMatt.

Masterson + Metokur Mega Show

Aug 11, 2018343 minutes

Masteron & Metokur join us in the wake of MundaneMatt's destruction.

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